Privacy is dead ?

As lawyer 4.0’s and security gurus, we are on a journey to build a future where this is not the reality.

Mert Can Boyar, Founder of Verilogy

Small steps with big dreams

We are on a mission to build enterprise-grade privacy programs for everyone in a budget-friendly, sustainable and seamless way.

Whatever we do we believe in empowering the end-users to have control and choice over their data.

There is a lack of skilled privacy workforce, where only 10% of companies with big compliance budgets have access to. 90% can only pay little to have duct tapes around compliance which only provides the minimum requirements of privacy laws.

Cost of compliance is getting bigger because of the manual processes, there is a way to eliminate these and help the 90% work with best privacy specialists.

Lot's of gray areas in privacy compliance, this makes it even hard for the expert specialists to determine the right actions for becoming compliant and nearly impossible for that 90% percent to handle themselves.

Legal, technical and operational know-how is key because each company requires a tailor-made approach to become privacy by design and default. This requires a detailed analysis of systems, processes and datasets.

Verilogy can be used by small and mid-sized enterprises to cut their legal costs, by following our privacy framework you can transform your business to fulfill accountability and transparency requirements. When you go work with a lawyer we have already done the most time-consuming tasks so that you can get tailor-made legal services for a much lower price. Just invite your lawyer to your system and they will have every analysis they should do which takes up up to tens of hours to minutes.

Verilogy can be used by legal teams or privacy pros to provide data-driven compliance services and transform how they deliver their compliance services. This is especially useful during COVID-19 and adapting to the new normal, to increase collaboration between stakeholders and enable remote compliance services. This will provide the clients with a better and sustainable service rather than unstructured word and excel files.

A platform that provides detailed analysis of systems, processes and data transfers. Easy to use interface allow for enterprise-grade visibility and governance of personal data.

Start with our compliance checklists to understand where your gaps are, create in-depth data mapping with our own privacy framework to fulfill requirements for processing activity registries.

Use our smart privacy suggestions to get legal and security insight tailor-made to your company.

Manage all the third parties you share personal data in detail and audit them periodically.

Learn how to secure your business with our cybersecurity companion and find the best security tools within your budget.

We will not provide privacy policies, cookie policies or template agreements.

We will not provide duct tapes.

We are here for those that really want to do things right:

“Build privacy by design brands, services and products.”

Mert Can Boyar, Founder of Verilogy