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Verilogy offers a platform for small and mid-sized businesses to protect their user's privacy as good as banks or tech-giants can.

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Become a privacy pro

Get a detailed analysis of your systems, processes and data transfers.


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Answer questionnaries to understand how you collect, use and share personal information.


Demonstrate Compliance

Have everything in one place with actionable insights to show authorities and users how you handle personal data.

We have lots of experience
in building a sustainable privacy culture.

We are here to help you discover and fix the vulnerabilities in an ongoing basis.

Digital Privacy Assistants

Get tailor-made actionable insights on how to improve your operations.

Cyber Security Companion

We prepared a companion to assist you to secure your business from cyber threats.


Privacy management simplified

Legal, technical and operational know-how transformed into a product.

Compliance checklists

Start by using our checklists to understand where your gaps are with various laws such as GDPR, KVKK, CCPA and standards such ISO, NIST and SDLC.

Data mapping

Build your data map to demonstrate your processes, databases and datasets being used throughout your operations. Audit and manage third parties you share personal data with.

Data-Driven Suggestions

Based on the analysis of your operations, your digital assistant will provide you with actionable insights on legal and cybersecurity to fix your violations.

Best in class

Industry best practices

We do not provide duct tapes for compliance, we are here for those who are fully committed to building privacy by design brands, services and products.


Small Business

Learn how to comply and build privacy by design services


Growing Business

Cut your legal costs to comply with data protection laws


Legal Teams

Use for remote projects during the "new normal"


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Verilogy offers an easy to use interface for enterprise-grade visibility and governance of personal data.

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